Dams & Maritime Structures

Our firm rehabilitated the Kampe-Omi Dam in Kogi State. The rehabilitation included the following:
1. Replacement of the Gate Penstocks at the Intake Station of the Dam,
Rehabilitation of the Dam Instrumentation Devices (Standpipes, Vibrating
Wires, Settlement Monitoring Systems, Surface Monuments and Relief
2. Repairs of the failed embankment at Offi Section of the Dam
3. Repairs on the failed Wing Wall of the Spillway
4. Placement of Laterite Earth Filling at all eroded portions of the Upstream
Dam Embankment
5. Provision of Rip-Rap as Upstream Slope Protection
6. Provision of Transition Bedding Material under the Riprap
7. Construction of Concrete Chutes at the outlet of Kerb openings to the
Downstream Embankment
8. Scarification and Grading of existing Roadway, Spreading, Shaping and
compacting naturally occurring lateritic material as Sub-Base and Base,
Laying of Prime-Coat of MC1, Laying and compacting Asphaltic Concrete
Wearing Course on the existing Roadways.
9. Extension of PHCN gridline to the Intake Station of the Dam and
Installation of a 200KVA Generator (as backup) for operations of the
Hydrogates of the Dam.
10. Topographical and Control Survey of the project